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  • Kevin Sutton

    Kevin Sutton

    Kevin Sutton’s current research is focused on investigating performance assessment practices in engineering design graphics courses. He teaches a variety of graphics courses, works with the Technology and Engineering Educators Collegiate Association (TEECA), and is an active member in the Alpha Pi Chapter of Epsilon Pi Tau. His other interests include developing Integrative STEM activities and iterative design.
    • Daniel Kelly

      Daniel Kelly

      Principal Investigator

      Director of Research

      Daniel Kelly is a Technology Education doctoral student in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education department at North Carolina State University College of Education with a minor in instructional technology. (more…)
    • Nolan Fahrer

      Nolan Fahrer

      Nolan E. Fahrer is currently a doctoral student and Teaching Assistant Professor in the Technology, Engineering, and Design Education program within the College of Education at North Carolina State University. Nolan earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Technology from Bowling Green State University and later earned his Master of Science degree in Technology Education from North Carolina State University. Nolan is National Board Certified Teacher and has taught for over 10 years in secondary education in Michigan, Ohio, and North Carolina in the areas of Technology Education, Basic and Advanced Woodworking, and Technical Graphics. His teaching specialties include technical graphics, constraint-based parametric 3D modeling, and teaching methods in technology and engineering education. His research interests include visual literacy, assessment in education, and STEM-based pedagogy.



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